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We also lose the sense of living in the dream-like state of early childhood that allows us to create surreal worlds. Now, with smartphones and AR, we can bring imagination back into our lives and act like kids again.

For instance, making up absurd settings and environments can change serious situations into funny ones. You can also create beauty more easily with hundreds of life-like butterflies on the bedroom floor or snow in the middle of your summer beach house.

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Since we can now change our spaces using animated 3D objects, surreal environments or settings are now be possible. AR serves two functions: letting our imaginations run rampant in our physical surroundings just think of the success of Pokemon Go , and generating real-world utility by merging the digital and physical worlds. Companies like Total Immersion let you see how a pair of earrings match your prom dress. Even more use cases are just around the corner.

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In the coming years, when you need to fix your dishwasher, there will be an AR app that can help pinpoint the problem and bring the right handyman and tools to help fix it quickly. As technology evolves, new opportunities arise. Take even the idea of manifesting your dreams in the real world, like becoming more rich.

AR allows us to shift the focus of technology from ourselves to the world around us. By having a larger breadth of landscapes and places to interact with, augmented reality changes a great many things about day-to-day life. With a little bit of training and experimentation, organizations and individuals can find ways for AR to entertain, engage the imagination, and improve lives.

Because AR is such a powerful tool, both for imagination and for daily life, it offers us a wide range of opportunities. On the psychological front, adults can feel like children again, and daily life improves in a number of categories. Best of all, we can build out our wildest dreams in this world. Dana Loberg is a visual artist turned co-founder and CEO of LEO, the first marketplace for augmented visual communication, a growing medium that is revolutionizing the way people interact with each other and the world around them.

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